Episode #69 What’s Your Superpower?

Your superpower is the thing you do easily, you most likely take for granted, and which others find difficult or don’t enjoy. In this episode I’m asking you to take a break from all the new skills you’re trying to acquire, the new tools you’re trying to learn, and the new improved person you’re striving to be. Instead I want you to bring your focus back to who you are today.

If you’re anything like my clients, you tend to undervalue what you already have and put too much focus on what you don’t. The problem with doing this is that you miss opportunities that would otherwise be perfect for you and you’re depriving the world of your value.

My advice to you in this episode is to start with what you have and work with what you’ve got. The advantages of doing what comes easily and naturally are faster results with reduced stress and less effort. All you need to do is tap into your superpower, and find opportunities to put it to work.

Examples of superpowers:

  • You’re brilliant at connecting with others
  • You’re a master at connecting others
  • You’re a natural diplomat
  • You bring humour to difficult situations
  • You have the gift of the gab
  • Your smile lights up the room
  • You have an impressive memory
  • You’re also forming new ideas

It’s time to stop depriving yourself and the world of your innate ability. Go find your cape and put it to work.

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