Episode #68 The Inclusion Illusion

In today’s episode I introduce you to the Inclusion Illusion. It’s one of the Progression Pitfalls I identify in my new book on Imposter Syndrome “Be The First” (published November 2020). Progression Pitfalls are the traps, distractions and roadblocks that will sabotage your progress and derail your attempts to fulfil your potential. The Diversity Distraction, which I introduced in episode 63 of this podcast, is one of them. The Inclusion Illusion is another.

The Inclusion Illusion is the belief held by someone in a minority group (a woman in an all-male industry for example; or a BAME professional in an all-white organisation) that you can’t feel valued or get access to the people and opportunities that will progress your career unless someone from the dominant group includes you and it’s a very real challenge many of you experience every day.

The problem is, it takes away your power and gives it to everyone else. The message I’m sending you in this episode helps you claim that power back: when no one is including you, it means it’s time to include yourself.