Episode #66 Your Body Speaks

If you’ve been working your usual long hours during lockdown, this period has probably been harder on your body. When you remove the commute to work, the excuse to stop by a colleagues office, go out to meetings or pop out for coffee, what you’re left with is a sedentary, stressful lifestyle that takes a physical toll on your body. The question is, have you noticed?

Most of us take our body for granted. Years ago I heard a highly successful woman describe how she regretted viewing her body “as nothing but a vehicle for my brain”. At the time, she was in remission from breast cancer. Her message was a reminder to all of us busy professionals in the room to pay closer attention to our bodies and what they tell us.

How you do this is easy: Your body speaks. All you have to do, is listen.

In this episode I talk about the many messages your body tries to send you, how to be better at listening to them and the risk of consequences when you don’t. I share examples of some of my own bad habits, including perhaps one too many references to my bladder and the tendency I have to ignore the call of nature when I’m absorbed in my work. You’ll be pleased to hear there’s more: practical advice about how to listen to your body so you can perform at your best and stay well.

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