Episode #23 Making career and family work with Janine Esbrand

This week I’m delighted to share my interview with Janine Esbrand, fellow Coach who has many strings to her bow – she is also a consultant lawyer, podcast host and mum of 2. We talk careers, motherhood, the challenges of having both and the strategies we use to make it work.

Janine’s message to you: It is possible to do work that you enjoy and raise your family at the same time. I have a career kickstart guide that can help you figure out the best next step in your career.

About Janine:

Janine Esbrand, is the founder of LightBOX Coaching, a coaching and consulting company which helps ambitious women thrive in their careers beyond motherhood. Janine provides individual and group coaching services to support women develop in their careers beyond motherhood.

Connect with Janine and find out more about her work:

insta – @careersbeyonmotherhood

twitter @lightboxcoaching@gmail.com

web – www.lightboxcoaching.com/coachingwithlightbox

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