Episode #22 Exercising When Busy with Holly Aldridge PT

Do you struggle to find time for exercise? One of the common mistakes I see is not making your health and in particular exercise a priority.

I get it. Life is busy. Work is demanding. Sometimes exhausting. You work long hours. There aren’t enough hours left in the day. But this is no excuse to neglect your exercise routine and therefore be neglecting your health.

“Start small, build exercise into your daily routine and track your progress” says my PT of 8 years, Holly Aldridge, in this week’s episode.

“Most people focus on the physical benefits of exercise, but the biggest reason to exercise is for your mental health” says Holly.

If you’re constantly stressed and anxious at work or you’re frustrated with your attempts to fit exercise into your routine, this episode’s for you.

But what you’ll get from this episode doesn’t end there. As well as being a brilliant Personal Trainer, Holly is also a very ambitious and astute business owner. She shares her tips on networking, developing your personal brand and posting on social media which are going to help you in your quest to stand out from the crowd and be more visible.

About Holly Aldridge

Holly is a personal trainer, training people from their homes and outdoors. (She’s the one that has me doing all those squats and burpees on a Monday afternnoon!). She has been running HA Personal Training for over 10 years and now specialises in working with women pre & post natal achieve their health & fitness goals. Thanks to her 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry she can successfully evaluate a client’s physical fitness, understand their needs and then develop a practical and achievable workout routine for them to reach their targets.

Holly prides herself on communicating well and earning trust. She has been passionate about fitness from a very young age, having wanted a PT business from the age of 14. Holly believes all women, mums in particular, can achieve any health and fitness goal they desire by creating healthy habits and understanding and educating themselves on how to train as a woman

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