Episode #17 What Being Visible Will Require Of You

Being visible is a core essential for career progression.

  • It’s how people get to know who you are
  • It’s how they get to experience your value
  • It’s how they learn to trust you enough to:
    • give you opportunities
    • recognise you
    • support you
    • promote you.

But when you have Imposter Syndrome, your fear of being exposed means that visibility is the last thing you want. You’ll go to great lengths to avoid it, by:

  • Turning down opportunities to showcase your value
  • Not going for a promotion
  • Avoiding networking events
  • Avoiding public speaking
  • Being intimidated by social media.

Perhaps you only do one or a couple of the above. But the problem is that any of these behaviours can hold you back and stop you from realising your true potential.

In this episode, I describe my own personal struggle with Imposter Syndrome and visibility when it comes to raising my profile on social media.  I explain how, like me, you need to identify WHAT you should do to raise your visibility, and, more importantly, HOW you should do it. I share with you the results of an exercise I teach in Imposter Syndrome coaching which helps you to embrace negative emotion in order to do the things that will make you visible.

You don’t have to make this journey alone. I teach you the process for becoming more visible in Imposter Syndrome Coaching for Lawyers, and I coach you every step of the way.

If you’re a lawyer and you struggle with being visible, I can help you with that. Book your free consultation call with me via this link


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