Episode #16 Faking it Til You Make It

You can’t short cut your way to confidence.

Faking it ‘til you make it may help you out when you need a quick fix, but it is not a long term strategy for building confidence.  It’s often one of the ‘tricks’ you’re advised to use to help you ’overcome’ your Imposter Syndrome – a mindset tactic that encourages you to do something you’re terrified or reluctant to do. It works on the premise that if you ‘pretend’ to be able to do something often enough, or for long enough, you grow the capability to actually do it.

Sounds good, right? The problem with faking it though is that your relationship with yourself doesn’t change. It gives you a mask to wear, it makes you well-practised – but you are still practising being someone you are not. The best way to ‘make it’ is by gaining confidence in who you really ARE.

In this episode, I cover all the downsides to the faking it approach and describe what you need to do instead. I explain how you need to put in the work to discover who you really are, and learn to take action from a place of trusting that you are enough. This is the method I teach in Imposter Syndrome Coaching. Enrolment for the next coaching programme is coming soon. Make sure you’re on the waitlist so that you’re the first to. know.

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