Episode #14 Stop Winging It

  • Flying by the seat of your pants.
  • Pulling it out of the bag at the last minute.
  • Fire fighting.
  • Hustling to get it done.

It may sound exciting to approach your day job in this way, and to take pride in being this person, but all you’re really doing when you work like this is winging it.

Winging it is not a sustainable strategy for success. It’s just another form of overworking that makes doing your best work and balancing work and family even harder to obtain. Like labouring over emails, excessively checking your work and doing everything yourself (I cover these in episodes 11,12 and 13) – the result is things taking¬†longer than they should and/or you spending too much time on the wrong things.

This is bad news for your work life balance. It’s terrible news for the long term sustainability of your career.

In episode 14 of Legal Imposters I show you exactly how to change this. I give you the simple solution that will completely transform what you think is possible for you as a lawyer. You’ll learn a new approach to working that will help you manage your workload no matter what comes in, feel calm and in control no matter what is happening around you, and create the time you need for the other things that matter.

SAVE THE DATE: 16 March 2023 Stop Overworking is my new 6 month programme that has everything you need to stop overworking – putting better balance and a sustainable way of working completely within your control. Doors open 16.3.23.

Details announced here on the podcast and via email in the coming days. To make sure you’re on my mailing list head over to carolineflanagan.com

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