Episode #136 Client Breakthrough

Are you curious about Imposter Syndrome Coaching? Do you wonder how it works? Or fear it might not work for you?

Coaching forms the backbone of Imposter Syndrome Coaching (my coaching programme for lawyers with Imposter Syndrome.)

In these special ‘client breakthrough’ podcast episodes, I’m sharing examples of client progression due to their coaching experiences. If you’ve never had coaching before, this is a brilliant way to gain some insight into the process. You’ll get to zoom in on real client scenarios and get a glimpse of the types of transformations you can achieve through my Imposter Syndrome Coaching programme.

In this client breakthrough session we’re covering: all or nothing thinking.

The scenario:

A corporate lawyer, returning from maternity leave, is anxiously looking for recognition and promotion, in the knowledge that one of the partners has been previously unsupportive of her ambitions.

In this episode, I walk you through the coaching process for this scenario:

  • Identifying the client’s progression goals (recognition and promotion).
  • Exploring the obstacles to her achieving those goals (her feelings of anxiety and stress about the partner’s hostility which triggers her Imposter Syndrome).
  • Examining the reasons behind those feelings (memories of past feedback causing negative ‘all or nothing’ thinking).
  • Helping her recognise and find a solution to rebalance her thinking and move forward.

This Imposter Syndrome Coaching process:

  • Shows you how your Imposter Brain works – it’s driven by fear of exposure, and wants to avoid this at all costs.
  • Shows you how your Human Brain works – it likes to generalise (because it’s more efficient), causing you to stay stuck in your story and miss vital information you can use to move forward.
  • Reveals your blindspots – all the information you’re ignoring which tells a better, more useful story.
  • Gives you back your power by providing you with an opportunity to take action towards your goal.

If you’re a lawyer who is ready to tackle your own all or nothing thinking and to find out how Imposter Syndrome Coaching can help you too, book your free consultation with me by clicking here.

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