Episode #109 Stop Overworking

I know, when it comes to your work, that long hours come with the territory. It’s the nature of the work you do. But are you sure that every single one of those hours is adding value to what you do?

In this episode, I talk about what I call Overworking – excessive working, driven by Imposter Syndrome (that feeling of not being enough), which adds little or no value and is causing you to work longer hours than you need to. The most obvious examples of this are perfectionism and procrastination.

Just like Overthinking (see episode 108), Overworking is responsible for the 4 key challenges you are struggling within your career:

  1. not enough time
  2. not performing to your potential
  3. not getting the recognition you deserve
  4. not enjoying your job (as much as you used to)

And, as with Overthinking, the solution for stopping Overworking is just one simple tool: your Imposter Speech.