Episode #105 Things Taking Longer Than They Should

Do tasks take you longer than they should? Do you constantly underestimate how long a piece of work will take you?

Things taking longer than they should is one of the secret signs of Imposter Syndrome. It comes from overthinking and overworking and it means you’re not performing at your highest level.

If you suffer from Imposter Syndrome you probably blame yourself. You  think you don’t know enough or aren’t experienced enough and that everyone around you does things more quickly. But this kind of thinking causes procrastination, (more) self-judgement and doing more work than is actually needed so that in the end, things really do take longer than they should!

In this episode, I explain the importance of  showing up to your work from a place of sufficiency and belief so you can laser in on the task at hand and get stuff done in the right amount of time.  But sufficiency and belief aren’t built in a day. They need to be shaped and formed and built over time using your Imposter Speech.

In this podcast:

  • Why things taking longer than they should is a secret sign of Imposter Syndrome
  • 4 behaviours that make things take longer than they should
  • The right amount of time to spend on a task
  • How your Imposter Speech builds sufficiency and belief


The Imposter Series – episodes 78 to 86 of the Caroline Flanagan Podcast.

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