Episode #1: Imposter Syndrome

Delving deep into Imposter Syndrome

In Episode 1 of the Babyproof Your Career podcast I delve deep into the subject of Imposter Syndrome – that feeling that you don’t deserve your success, that your achievements are down to luck, and that any minute now you will be exposed as a fraud. It is more common than you think. Even former First Lady Michelle Obama, on her recent UK tour to promote “Becoming”, has confessed that she still experiences it.

If your Imposter Syndrome is as mild as this and isn’t holding you back, then it may not be a problem you need to worry about. But if that anxiety is so severe it paralyses you, stops you moving forward, making yourself visible, seizing opportunities and doing all the other things you need to do to progress in your career, then it is a problem and it’s one that needs to be addressed.

In this episode

I’ve suffered from Imposter Syndrome since I can remember. I spent my life running from it – convinced that it was a weakness, a flaw that I had to be rid of before I could get ahead. But all that changed when I stopped running and decided to face it for what it was.

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • the biggest opportunity of my childhood and how, because of Imposter Syndrome, I almost threw it away
  • the risk Imposter Syndrome poses to your career progression
  • the 3 mindset mistakes Imposter Syndrome sufferers make
  • how I changed Imposter Syndrome from a weakness to a strength and how you can do the same

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The research I mention in the podcast comes from Amy Cuddy in this Harvard Business Review post

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