Take Action Now to Earn Confidence Later

Confidence – if only we had been born with it!

But confidence isn’t something you’re born with. It isn’t innate. It’s earned.

Earned confidence is the confidence you get from doing hard things, uncomfortable things, things you are afraid of doing because you don’t know how to do them yet. When you think about how a toddler learns to walk, you accept that the only way he or she becomes a confident walker is to take a step then fall then get back up again; try and fail and try again and again until they figure it out. So why, when it comes to you – when you want to be confident at doing something – do you expect it to be the other way round? You want the confidence first before you take any action!

You need to transform how you think about confidence so that instead of wishing you had the confidence to act, you take action first to earn the confidence later. Tune into my latest podcast where I explain:

  • The 3 things that walking and talking teach us about confidence, and how you are ignoring these principles every day.
  • Why you should treat confidence like you do your salary.
  • The compound effect of earned confidence.
  • Why you should be intentional about discomfort.

Happy Friday and Happy Easter!


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