Episode #86 Using Your Imposter Speech

Do you have a go to approach for getting you through those moments when your Imposter Syndrome is triggered? or when you’re feeling the pressure? or when you’ve lost your mojo? I never used to. I used to make it up as I went along, trying whatever tips and tricks were the flavour of the month and taking in advice and suggestions from all angles. The problem with that approach was that either it didn’t work or, when it did work, any positive effects were temporary. When I encountered the next challenge, I always found myself back at square one

Not any more. These last few years I have tried and tested a tool I use in the face of every Imposter Syndrome crisis and during all those moments when I doubt myself, want to give up or just lose motivation. It has been an absolute game changer. This approach doesn’t just work in the moment. It creates exponential results over time. The more I use it, the more effective it is and the more confident I become in my ability to create the results I want.

That tool is the Imposter Speech.

This week on the podcast, following a series of episodes introducing the Imposter Speech, I now talk about how to use your Imposter Speech in the real world as a way to solve the problems that are holding you back in your life and/or career right now. I talk about how I use the speech as a whole in times of crisis, but also how I identify and apply specific parts of the speech to the problem I’m facing in the moment.

Here are just some examples of how to use your Imposter Speech in the real world:

  • To give you courage when you experience self doubt
  • To help you make decisions when you’re unsure which way to go
  • To affirm past decisions when you questions the decisions that brought you here
  • To stay focused on your goal when you’re being drawn off track
  • To motivate you when you’ve lost your drive As an authenticity check to ensure you honour who you are

Tune in to hear more.

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