Episode #45 Racial Resilience

You walk into a meeting and immediately feel self-conscious.

You scan the room, and it hits you – you’re the only person of colour, the only one from a different background.

There are a few people who look like you at work, but even with a handful of others, it can still feel isolating. Your journeys to get where you are today are completely different. You went to different schools, had different upbringings, and culturally, you just don’t connect on the same level as your colleagues.

This feeling of “otherness” is real, and it’s incredibly isolating.

It wears you down, even if you’re not consciously aware of it.

But here’s the thing: you are not alone.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles black professionals face. I’ve also seen the incredible strength and determination it takes to overcome them and I’m on a mission to help you learn it. 💪🏽

Welcome to Racial Resilience: the ability to navigate those very real challenges, the microaggressions, the feeling of being constantly “othered”, and still keep moving towards your goals.

In this episode, I share with you how you can:

➡️ Understand the impact of being the only black person in a professional setting.

➡️ Address feelings of exclusion and encountering racism or microaggressions.

➡️ Harness the transformative power of racial resilience.

By internalizing these principles, you don’t just survive – you thrive. 🌱

Because after you develop your Racial Resilience, you won’t ever get caught up in the absence of diversity.

You’ll start to focus on being the change you want to see.

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