Episode #40 Stay in the game

How do you make partner when your billings are low? Stay in the game!

The biggest threat to your partnership bid isn’t your low billable hours. It’s Checking Out.

Checking Out happens when you’ve decided you’re unlikely to be promoted where you are and you start dragging your feet in your current role and looking elsewhere to achieve your goal.

But this doesn’t increase your chances of becoming partner. It compromises it. What you need to do instead, is Stay In The Game.

Coming up in this episode:

–      what Checking Out is and how you know you’re doing it

–      Why the answer to low billings is to Stay In The Game

–      What it means to Stay In The Game and how to know when you’re doing it

–      How your Be The First mindset will help you lean in

–      Why Staying In The Game is a win for your partnership prospects internally AND externally.

Happy listening.

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