Episode #38 Saying no to good opportunities

One of the common mistakes I see you making is saying yes to every good opportunity that comes your way.

But just because an opportunity is a good one, doesn’t mean you should say yes to it.

There’s a time in your career when seizing every opportunity in front of you is how you progress.

But the more senior you get and the more opportunities you attract, the more discerning you need to be about the ones you seize and the ones you let go.

Not every good opportunity will move you closer to your goal.

Some will distract you from it altogether.

Others will spread you so thinly that you won’t have the time or bandwidth to even think about it, let alone move towards it.

These are the ones to turn down.

If the thought of turning down a good opportunity fills you with dread, listen out for the 4 simple steps you can take to make the best decision for your goal.

Happy listening.

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