Episode #36 Regulate the pressure

Does it feel like you’re drowning? Are you feeling a mounting pressure to be always “on”? No wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

Right now all of this feels out of your control. But there’s a way to feel calm under pressure and feel in control of your workload, no matter how full your inbox and how much work is coming in:

Regulate the pressure

Regulating the pressure is the skill of dialling down the amount of pressure you allow yourself to feel at any given moment, no matter what the circumstances. It’s like have a volume button which you can dial up or down so that you feel calm and are able to function at your highest level.

In this episode I explain what regulating the pressure is and I show you how to do it. Here’s what you’ll learn:

– the 5 fast action tactics that will reduce the pressure you are feeling right now; and

– the 4 most likely objections your brain will offer you and

– the tools for overcoming your brain’s resistance that I teach you in Be The First Progression for Black Lawyers

P.S. If you’re an ambitious mid-senior level black lawyer and you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and that you’re drowning, I encourage you to join Be The First Progression for Black Lawyers where regulating the pressure is just one of the tools I teach you to help you progress your career effectively and sustainably. Enrolment for the next cohort is coming soon. Click here to sign up to the waiting list: Be the first coaching – waiting list