Episode #32 The Problem With Balance

Is balance your goal?

If yes, you’re not alone. It’s the number one response I get to the question “how can I help? What do you want?”

But there’s a problem with choosing balance as your objective and that’s because it’s so vague. Most people I ask really struggle to define what it means to them. In other words, they say they want a goal, but they don’t really know what that goal looks or feels like, let alone how they are going to get it or measure their progress towards it.

In this podcast episode, I offer you an alternative view of balance – that balance is a doing thing, not a being thing. It takes work! It requires action! And the good news is that the rewards are available to you every day.

When you embrace balance as a doing thing, everything changes. Suddenly, it’s no longer all about your boss or your office culture, your clients or your team. It’s about you and how good you are at shifting and adapting, testing and tweaking the many different balance strategies and tools at your disposal.

Stop wishing or hoping to have better balance. Roll your sleeves up, get your hands dirty and practice the art of balance until you’ve mastered it and can enjoy it.

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