Episode #140 The Goldilocks Gauge

There’s a fine line between Overworking and working hard to produce results. So how do you tell the difference?

The answer is the Goldilocks Gauge.

Overworking is all the work you do that is driven by fear. It takes up valuable time but adds little or no value. Such as:

  • Labouring over emails.
  • Excessively checking your work.
  • Prolonging tasks so you never finish your work, you only ever run out of time.

Overworking makes you inefficient and puts your career at risk. If you want to progress your career, you need to learn how to stop.

In this episode, I introduce you to ‘The Goldilocks Gauge’ – the unique tool you learn in Imposter Syndrome Coaching to help you understand what is the ‘just right’ amount of time to spend on your work. This is the efficiency sweet spot.

You’ll learn how to evaluate how long things will take, and a formula to work out how long tasks SHOULD be taking you so you can stop Overworking and focus only on the work that will produce the best results.

The better you get at stopping overworking, the more efficient you’ll be, the better balance you’ll have, and the more your career will progress.

To get started on stopping Overworking with The Goldilocks Gauge, join the next class of Imposter Syndrome Coaching. Enrolment for the next class is on September 12th 2022. Be the first to know by Signing up to the waitlist here.

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