Episode #125 Imposter Syndrome Triggers 

How do you know when your Imposter Syndrome is being triggered?

Perhaps you experience the classic Imposter Syndrome feelings – that you are a fraud, that your success is down to luck, or that you might be exposed at any time?

Or perhaps you get carried away by one of the Four Horseman – overthinking, overworking, playing small, and self-sabotage?

Whichever way Imposter Syndrome triggers affect you, when you work in a high-pressure, competitive environment like a law firm, it is likely to happen ALOT.

There are so many stressful situations you face, day in, day out which can trigger those familiar negative responses – fear, anger, resentment, frustration…

For example:

  • Receiving negative feedback.
  • Feeling excluded at a networking event.
  • Being the only woman/person of colour in a meeting.
  • Being abandoned by a boss or partner to hold an important meeting or sign a deal.

No matter how many times these situations occur, you still feel shocked and upset when they happen, or you worry that something has gone terribly wrong. You wish you – or events, could be different.

In this episode, I walk you through one of these common triggers. I describe how your Imposter Syndrome makes you respond, and how these negative feelings adversely affect the quality of your work performance, your decision-making skills, your ability to problem-solve and think critically. I also explain that the problem with your Imposter Syndrome, is not that it gets triggered –  but how you react when it does.

The key is to know your Imposter Syndrome triggers.

That means fully understanding the events or circumstances that trigger your Imposter Syndrome so you can anticipate it and recognise it when it happens and then remind yourself that nothing has gone wrong.

Knowing your Imposter Syndrome triggers means you’ll be ready for your negative feelings, instead of being ambushed by them.  You’ll be able to calm your nervous system and neutralise the negative effect of your Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome triggers are the first thing you’ll work on when you join Imposter Syndrome Coaching. You learn the 9 Imposter Syndrome triggers that can happen in the work place and identify those that most typically happen to you. I teach you a technique called Imposter Syndrome Mapping where you identify your core Imposter Syndrome triggers, understand how they work, and then you learn how to neutralise them. Add 17th June 2022 to your diary. The next enrolment for Imposter Syndrome Coaching opens on that day. Make sure you sign up to the Waitlist now, so that you get all the details in time.

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