Episode #103 Feast Or Famine

“It’s either feast or famine” is an expression I used all the time when I was a lawyer in the City before I understood how results are created. Fifteen years later, my clients are still using it to describe their experience of work – one minute you’re overwhelmed and your billings are up 200%, the next minute the transaction is over,  your billings are down and you’re lying awake at night worrying about paying the bills.

But although “feast or famine” seems like a fun and frivolous way of thinking about the vicissitudes of lawyer life, there is no such thing as an innocent thought. Every thought creates a result. Think “it’s either feast or famine” and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

In this episode, I explain why, if you want work to feel less volatile, you need to stop entertaining volatile thoughts. And if you want to work in a calmer and steadier way, you need to start entertaining calm and steady thoughts. And then I offer you a calm and steady thought that will ensure you never experience feast and famine again.

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