How To Have It All

with Caroline Flanagan


Do you feel you can’t have it all? Does the lack of role models suggest to you that it can’t be done? Has your own experience convinced you that the quest to have it all is fraught with overwhelm and stress?

Caroline Flanagan is here to convince you otherwise.

Caroline Flanagan is on a mission to show you that the messages you’ve been hearing, seeing and believing about having a family and a successful career are wrong. Being a working parent isn’t all compromise, sacrifice and suffering. It is one of the greatest opportunities of your adult life.

It’s a common belief that starting a family creates new problems. Caroline will show you that all it really does is reveal existing ones. Before children, you can get away with doubting yourself, neglecting relationships, poor time management and avoiding taking responsibility for how you’re living and working. When you start a family, you can’t.

If you’re ready to embrace it, the challenge of having it all is an amazing opportunity to take a step back and take a close look at how you live and work. This is your chance to change attitudes, behaviours and actions that may have been holding you back for years, and learn the number one skill required to successfully have it all.


This talk is designed for anyone who is struggling to achieve work life balance or is either planning, starting or managing a family.

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