How to Get Back On Track

with Caroline Flanagan


Resilience, Ownership, Balance


When life is going well, balance is easy. You have a toolkit of balance strategies which you know how to apply to great effect. But then something happens to throw you off track: a huge new work project lands in your lap, an elderly parent falls sick, your child’s routine changes or something goes wrong… and suddenly life is complicated again and balance seems impossible.

If we want to succeed at balance, we have to remember that balance is a “doing thing”, not a “being thing”. Our success demands more than just mastering the tools. We need to be able to adapt those tools and techniques to our ever changing circumstances. In other words, we need to be able to get back on track.

  • revise the essential tools and techniques in your balance toolkit
  • explore the events and circumstances that can throw you off
  • discover a practical strategy for getting back on track


For future and existing parents. Can be developed specifically for women only, or for a diverse gender audience. Ideal for those contemplating career progression and starting a family.

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