Bridging the gap v2 – Build an authentic personal brand

with Caroline Flanagan


Personal brand, authenticity, identity


The merits of building a personal brand are well known – it increases self-confidence and delivers a powerful message to those around you about who you are, the value you bring and what they can expect when they work with you. It’s how others get to know, like and trust you; and when you’re competing with others for a promotion, project or client, your personal brand is the reason they choose you ahead of the rest.

But little is said about the power of a personal brand to boost authenticity and bridge the gap between who you really are and who you feel pressured to be in the office, so you are less frustrated, more fulfilled and are free to deliver your best work.

“Bridging the gap” is about the power of personal branding to simultaneously boost your authenticity and progress your career. Discover how authenticity and career progression go hand in hand, and learn the 3-step model for building your own authentic, career boosting personal brand.


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