Bridging the gap v1 – How to be authentic at work and still get ahead

with Caroline Flanagan


Authenticity, identity, covering and personal branding


What does it mean to be authentic at work?

Current wisdom demands we all be more authentic at work, promising a win-win outcome of improved performance, organisational growth and personal fulfilment. But:

what happens when the authentic you doesn’t fit the culture of your organisation?
what happens when the person you are inside the office feels utterly disconnected from the person you are when you’re home?
how do you return to authenticity when you’ve spent your whole life covering it up in order to fit in, and when this “covering” has been so instrumental in your success to date?

“Bridging the gap” is a presentation about the challenges of being authentic at work and how to overcome them so you can feel personally fulfilled and still get ahead.


For all audiences.

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