The battle against Imposter Syndrome

If you’re like me, the battle for success has always been a battle against Imposter Syndrome. I have suffered from Imposter Syndrome for as long as I can remember. From being the only black girl at an all-white school, to being the only one in the room at a top City law firm and beyond, I have always felt like a fraud, that my success was down to luck and that any minute now I’d be exposed.

Sound familiar?

Like you, I wanted to overcome my Imposter Syndrome. I followed the advice on how to ditch it, tame it and conquer it but none of it worked. At least, not in a transformational way. The tips and tricks others recommended sometimes helped me take the next step. But no matter how hard I battled my Imposter Syndrome, I never seemed to win.

Imposter Syndrome isn’t a problem you have to fix

So I stopped battling. Instead of fighting my Imposter Syndrome, I decided to accept it. That’s when I discovered that Imposter Syndrome wasn’t a problem I had to fix. It was a puzzle I needed to solve. When I took the time and did the work to solve it, I discovered that Imposter Syndrome wasn’t my weakness. It was my strength.

Imposter Syndrome is a puzzle you need to solve

Imposter Syndrome is a puzzle you need to solve about who you really are. You can’t solve your Imposter Syndrome at a ‘doing’ level – with tips and tricks – you have to solve it at a ‘being’ level. That means actively exploring your identity, experiences, values and goals to reconnect you with your forgotten power. If this all sounds a bit daunting and vague, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve created a powerful tool that will help you solve your Imposter Syndrome so you too can make it a strength.

That tool is the Imposter Speech®

The Imposter Speech® is a personal statement that uses your Imposter Syndrome to build a powerful new imposter identity. Repeated use gives you instant courage, lasting confidence and shines a spotlight on your value. When you have an Imposter Speech® you learn to show up as the unique and powerful person you truly are. As a result of creating and using your Imposter Speech® you will:

  • STOP playing small
  • STOP holding yourself hostage
  • STOP hiding your value
  • START showing up to your potential

Are you ready?

The Imposter Speech® Programme helps you stop overworking, stop overthinking and start getting the recognition you deserve.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Process: You will follow the Imposter SpeechR process to help you build 100% belief in who you are and the value you bring. At the end of the programme you will have your own unique Imposter Speech to create instant courage in the exact moments you need it and build lasting confidence over time.