A coach for high achievers

I’m a transformational coach who works with high achievers who are ready to step up to their true potential. I bring 14 years of life and career coaching experience, with a particular focus on parental coaching for lawyers. I have worked with clients privately, or on behalf of their employers, from all over the world, including the US, France, Germany, Italy, Zimbabwe, Australia and the UK.

How I work

I bring a commitment to helping you achieve your coaching objectives and a passion for transforming you into the next version of yourself so you can push through the limits of what you believe yourself to be capable of. My coaching approach is a mixture of focused practical work and deep self-exploration.

How you succeed

Our individual challenges are opportunities designed to help us evolve and grow in the areas we need it most. Life is an arena. The conditions are never perfect, and there are set backs, challenges and opportunities around every corner. You don’t succeed by avoiding setbacks and wishing challenges would go away. You succeed by learning to navigate and transcend them, and exploiting the opportunities they present.

Battles you think you can’t win

The most common issue clients present with is a feeling of powerlessness and having no control over their circumstances. It’s the feeling that there are some battles you just can’t win. This is the experience of the new mother returning to work in her high pressured law firm after maternity leave and being expected to work every weekend; it’s the Asian male partnership candidate who has been told he is just not the right fit; and it’s the Black female barrister who is mistaken for the waitress.

You are more powerful than you think

When the odds are against you it’s tempting to play small or use it as a reason to give up. But you’re more powerful than you think. I’ll help you to find your power in any situation and I’ll show you how to win. As a result of working with me, you’ll learn how to do hard things so you can overcome the barriers to success and finally start fulfilling your true potential.

Coaching Programmes

Be The First Programme

The Be The First coaching programme is designed specifically for black and ethnic minority professionals who have achieved considerable success but who feel there are cultural and environmental barriers to progressing their career. The programme provides a safe environment for exploring your unique form of “imposter syndrome” – the isolation, frustration and loneliness of being the only person of colour in the room.

You’ll discover:

  • You have more control and personal power in you current environment than you think.
  • How to own your imposter syndrome by developing a better understanding of your identity, your unique value and your purpose.
  • A wealth of inner resources to help you navigate systemic bias and develop a core confidence to help you overcome self doubt.
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The Imposter Speech™ Programme

The Imposter Speech™ Programme is for anyone who suffers from Imposter Syndrome and is looking for a lasting solution. Rather than offering you tips and tricks, this programme gives you a transformational tool, known as the Imposter Speech™, which creates instant courage, builds lasting confidence and highlights your unique value. This Programme is a step by step guide to creating and using your unique Imposter Speech™, so that you:

  • STOP playing small
  • STOP holding yourself hostage
  • STOP hiding your value
  • START showing up to your potential
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Babyproof Maternity Coaching

The Babyproof Maternity coaching programme is designed to support high achievers as they prepare for and transition to working parenthood. You will:

  • Learn practical tools and strategies for overcoming the common pitfalls of working parenthood
  • Discover how to work smarter, not harder, so you can find time for your family without hand still keep your career

This programme is structured around the following themes: confidence, goals, relationships, visibility, time management and balance.

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