Don’t Make Being a Lawyer Harder Than it Needs to be

Being a lawyer won’t get easier by itself. You must progress your career in order to make it easier Don’t wait until you have time. Don’t postpone it because you have other priorities. Progressing your career is how you create time. It must be your first priority. Because every day counts. Every day you’re not progressing your career … Continued

You Can Change This

Consistent lateness. Always feeling rushed. Disorganised. Overwhelmed. Feeling like you have no control. This has been going on so long now you think it’s who you are. You think it’s a personality trait so there’s nothing you can do. You think that changing things, becoming the person who is on time and organised and feels … Continued

How Many Hours did it Really Take?

The number of hours you record on your timesheet relative to the actual time you spent working speaks volumes about how Imposter Syndrome is holding you back. For everyone else, timesheets are the opportunity to showcase how hard they work and how much they contribute to the firm. For you on the other hand, timesheets … Continued

How You Will Be Different

You’ve been to a lot of training sessions and webinars. Many of them delivered by great speakers on important issues. Some of them were memorable. But did anything in your life change? The most important part of any webinar you attend is not what happens during the event. It’s what you do differently when it’s … Continued

How to Keep Calm

An attendee at one of my recent Imposter Syndrome talks asked me how I can have Imposter Syndrome and yet still be calm and in control on stage. My answer was simple. I know delivering a keynote triggers my Imposter Syndrome, so I anticipate the anxiety and the fear of being exposed, before they happen. … Continued

This is Just the Beginning.

Today’s webinar was about so much more than building confidence that lasts. It was about becoming the next version of yourself. The version of you that is so grounded and secure, you can walk into any room. You can sit at any table and be heard above any noise. I want to invite you to … Continued

Trust That You Are Enough

  How would it feel to show up to work today trusting that you are enough? What would you do? Let’s start with what you wouldn’t do: When you look at your flooded inbox and the left-overs from yesterday’s to-do list, you wouldn’t panic. You wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and stressed and start telling yourself it’s … Continued

Starting afresh

Happy to be back? I am! This is, by far, my favourite time of  year. Those rare and glorious Indian summer days. The feeling, during those first days of a new school year, of starting afresh. After a surprisingly amazing summer, I feel energised and excited and filled with possibility. I have decided the last … Continued