Am I overthinking?

How many hours a day are you wasting to negative thinking?​

When you work long hours in a demanding job, it’s normal to wish you had more time. Just a few more hours in the day so you have something left over for you; for loved ones; for all those things you loved to do when you didn’t have to work so hard.

But you don’t need more time.

You just need to stop wasting the time you already have.

There are lots of ways you may be wasting time at work. Social media. One too many coffee breaks. Getting drawn into office politics.

But  the most wasteful activity of all, is Overthinking.

Overthinking is the word I use to describe all the thinking you do which is unhelpful, unproductive and unnecessary. It is usually negative and is always driven by some form of thinking you’re not enough.

What if I get this wrong?
What if I don’t know the answer?
I’m supposed to be an expert!
Why is this taking me so long?
I’m terrible at this
Everyone will think less of me
What if I let everyone down?

Unlike with regular thinking where the time invested produces good ideas or solutions, or ways to progress a piece of work, Overthinking serves no useful purpose at all. It just eats up your time, saps your energy and makes your whole experience of work a lot less fun.

The scary thing about Overthinking is how unaware you may be that you’re doing it. If you completed a timesheet for the minutes and hours you spend second-guessing yourself, judging yourself or being afraid of being exposed, what would it show? 2 hours? 3?

It doesn’t have to be that way. All you have to do is learn how to recognise when you’re Overthinking, and then each time it happens take deliberate steps to change that. I created the Imposter Speech Programme to help you do exactly that.  It will make you so good at stopping Overthinking, you won’t even do it anymore.

Can you imagine having all that time you’ve been wasting to Overthinking suddenly available for your family. Or yourself. Or for something else on your to do list? Not only would you have more time, you’d also perform better and get more recognition for that. And by removing so much of that stress and anxiety from your daily experience, you might even start enjoying your job again.

These are all results the Imposter Speech Programme will help you create.  If you’re a lawyer with Imposter Syndrome and you’d like to learn more, let’s chat.

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