Episode #142 Taking Credit for Your Work

If you are given praise or positive feedback for your work, do you enthusiastically accept it?

Or do you find yourself attributing your success to someone or something else? Or perhaps keep your wins to yourself? Do you, in effect, refuse to take credit for your achievements?

When you have Imposter Syndrome, you feel compelled to avoid being exposed as the fraud you think you are. This means you indulge in Self-Sabotage, one of the 4 negative behaviours (or 4 Horsemen as I call them) that characterise Imposter Syndrome. Refusing to take credit for, or capitalise on, your successes, is a sure-fire way to sabotage or undermine your career progression.

In this week’s podcast episode, I show you how to look more compassionately and proactively at your achievements, and, something typically overlooked, the other ways in which you have made clear and measurable progress to date. What I talk about here will help you become more confident and level up the way you think about yourself.

The episode covers:

  • How to identify the circumstances where you are currently not taking credit for things that you should be.
  • The common mistakes you are making in dealing with success or praise.
  • The ways in which discounting your achievements is undermining your progress.
  • What you can say or do instead to take credit for your achievements and internalise your successes.

Having Imposter Syndrome means your brain will resist these changes. One of the biggest values of my Imposter Syndrome programme is that I coach you through this discomfort. Sign up to my FREE MASTERCLASS on MONDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER 18.00 PM UK “How to Progress Your Legal Career (when you struggle with Imposter Syndrome) to hear more.

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