Episode #91 High Expectations

Do other people’s high expectations trigger your Imposter Syndrome? If so, you’re not alone. This week on the podcast I’m answering this question from an attendee at my Imposter Syndrome event for the Black Solicitors Network last month. They asked: “how do you deal with Imposter Syndrome when it’s caused by high expectations from your family?”

The answer to dealing with Imposter Syndrome, whether caused by high expectations or any other trigger, is always to turn your Imposter Syndrome into a strength. In this episode I show you how in 4 clear steps.

The first of those steps is to clean up your thinking and it’s relevant to every problem you want to solve. In any situation you encounter, there are the facts (what happened, what was said etc.) and then there are your thoughts about those facts.

The problem is that our thoughts are often driven by assumptions or beliefs that don’t serve us. They clutter our brains, making it hard to see things clearly and making us less receptive to the solution.

To hear me talk through all 4 steps in details,  tune into the episode.

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