Episode #84 Imposter Series Part 7 – Own Your Backstory

Are you still showing up to difficult challenges and questioning your ability to cope? Then you need to own your backstory.In this episode I talk about your backstory. Your backstory is the story of how you got to here, where you are today. But it’s not the story of your successes. It’s the story of the setbacks, the struggles and the disappointments you faced and had to overcome along the way.

Your backstory is important because at every crossroads or hurdle you encounter, it can either work for you or against you. If you want yours to work for you, then you have to shape it that way.

I used to think my backstory was a negative one. When I thought about the difficult parts of my past, I would feel disappointed and angry and so I would prefer to not think about them at all. It took me years to realise my mistake. By refusing to think about the challenges I’d faced, I was denying myself the opportunity to see not only how resourceful I was, but also the experiences that made me so unique and valuable. Are you making that mistake too?

Owning your backstory will help to build a stronger identity and empower you to rise to future challenges, especially where those challenges trigger your Imposter Syndrome.

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