Episode #81: Imposter Series Part 4 – James Bond Your Name

This week on the podcast: James Bond your name!

I want to introduce you to a powerful tool for creating instant courage, building lasting confidence and showcasing your value – to yourself and to others. It’s free, it belongs to you and you can take it with you everywhere: it’s your name.

But it’s not enough to just have a name. It’s vitally important that you know how to use it.

In this episode you’ll discover that your name is the first part of your five part Imposter SpeechTM – the powerful identity statement I introduced you to in episode 80 and which I created to help you solve your Imposter Syndrome. Although the true power of your name can only be unleashed when you have been through each step of the Imposter SpeechTM process, there’s still so much you can gain by thinking about how you say and communicate it, what it means to you and the difference it can make when you decide to James Bond your name.

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