Episode #19 Intentional Networking

In this episode, I introduce you to the concept of Intentional Networking and its role in building the relationships you need for career success.

First I talk about the common hesitations and beliefs about networking that are either stopping you from networking altogether or mean the networking you are doing isn’t as effective as it should be. Then I give you the five parts of Intentional Networking that will ensure your networking efforts produce the best results.

But before you head off and put this into practise you need to know what to expect!

When the moment comes, watch out for the ways your brain will try to avoid discomfort – like giving you a pile of reasons why you shouldn’t go to that event you planned. Or focusing on the lack of diversity in the room instead of getting what you came for.

This awareness means you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned about Intentional Networking and use it to put yourself in more rooms, meet more people and build more of the relationships that will sustain you in your career.

Happy listening.

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