What is Allyship?

with Caroline Flanagan


Imposter Syndrome, Ethnicity, Identity, Allyship


Most members of a minority group feel like “Imposters” in their place of work. This has nothing to do with how deserving they are and everything to do with how they are treated and made to feel.

How do you redress this in a way that fosters collaboration, connection and a meaningful commitment to action?

The answer is Allyship.

A common mistake is to view Allyship as one-dimensional – acts of contrition on the part of one individual towards another. But Allyship is more than performing a set of actions. In order to be truly transformational, Allyship needs to be about the relationship and it needs to be co-created by those on both sides of the imbalance.

In What Is Allyship? Caroline Flanagan uses case studies, client stories and her unique traffic light system to encourage self-reflection and promote an open dialogue around the need for Allyship and the different forms Allyship can take.

Participants come away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be an ally and have a clear framework for committing to Allyship, holding themselves accountable and measuring their ongoing progress.

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