Perfect and bulletproof – is this the only way to lead?

with Caroline Flanagan


Leadership, Authenticity, Vulnerability


In a high performing culture, striving for perfection can seem the best (maybe even the only) way to succeed. But is it? Being a successful lawyer is about more than producing work of the highest quality. It’s about your ability to build relationships, inspire others and win the trust and respect of those around you. In other words, it’s about your humanity.

According to research professor and vulnerability expert Brené Brown, it is time for vulnerability, courage and humanity to replace “perfect and bulletproof” as the gold standard for achieving success at work. But what does vulnerability have to do with leadership, and does it belong in a law firm? This session argues that it does. This session will:

  • Give you a new perspective on what it takes to succeed
  • Make it easier for you to delegate, speak up in meetings and receive feedback
  • Give you a strategy for building relationships, inspiring and motivating others, and winning their trust and respect.


For a diverse audience of lawyers.

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