Are You Progressing?

Being promoted feels like such a big win when it happens.

But there’s more to progressing your career than a shiny new job title and a pay rise. If you haven’t progressed in other ways, you’ll just face the same struggles as before, only now at a level where the stakes are higher and you have less support.
How is this progress?

Real career progression goes deeper and lasts longer. It’s not just about the promotion. It’s about progressing who you are in a way that makes every day life as a lawyer better than it was before.
Enter what I call the 4 Pillars of Career Progression: recognition, confidence, balance and fun. These are 4 aspects of your work that determine how happy and fulfilled you are. If you haven’t advanced at least one of these areas, you haven’t progressed your career.

Being promoted is a brilliant achievement. It’s a very tangible and visible form of recognition so, technically, it qualifies. But when you are a lawyer with Imposter Syndrome, it only counts if you’ve progressed into someone who has stopped relying on external validation and knows how to validate themselves.

One of the most common mistakes I see lawyers make is thinking career progression is only about arriving at a promotion. They neglect the other types of career progression that will raise their self concept and make being a lawyer so much easier and more fulfilling.
The next time you sit down to make plans for progressing your career, remember the 4 Pillars. It isn’t only about the promotion. It’s how YOU progress along the way.

Happy Friday,



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