Don’t check out. Stay in the game

Are you checking out?

Low billings won’t kill your partnership bid.

Checking out will.

You want to be partner but you’ve fallen short of your billable target for months.

You’re doing work below your pay grade because you can’t afford to turn it down.

The whole team is under-utilised.

Every day this goes by you feel more and more pessimistic about your prospects for promotion, until one day you call it:

😣I’m not going to be promoted here.

This feels true. You think you’re facing the facts.

But the more you think this thought the more true it becomes 🤯

Not because of your low billables.

But because every day you think your chances of promotion are unlikely is another day of you feeling disengaged, demotivated and unenthusiastic.

All of which leads to one thing 👉🏾checking out.

That’s why you hurriedly signed up with 2 recruiters.

It’s why you’ve had a few interviews that yielded no results.

It’s why you’ve been reaching out to contacts to have conversations about your options.

It’s why you’ve been steering client conversations to test the water for firms you’d be a good match for.

All of this sounds like proactivity.

Like you are going all in on your partnership goal.

But this isn’t being proactive.

⚡️It’s being reactive.

It’s getting distracted from the consistent daily action you need to take to increase your chances of being promoted internally and recruited and promoted externally.

You’re not alone. I see this all the time.

The billable target is so sacred it’s hard to imagine succeeding without hitting it.

But there is more to your candidacy than your billables over the last quarter.

So no more checking out.

Instead of worrying about your billables, stay in the game.

🎣 Get on top of those valuable non-urgent tasks

🛠️Improve your work practices

👀Seek out opportunities to showcase your expertise

🤔Think of more ways to add value.

👁️Conjure up creative ways to be more visible

🙋🏾Reach out to others outside your group and offer your availability for work

🤝🏾Broaden your relationsips with colleagues in other offices

📈Step up your business development

🗣️Have deeper conversations with clients to understand them better and find ways to serve them better in the future

This is how you go all in on your goal.

As long as you’re still in the game, you can’t lose.

You’ll increase your chances of being promoted internally.

You’ll increase your appeal externally.

You will keep progressing, all the way to the top.

Don’t check out.

Stay in the game.

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